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Who's Causing A Buzz

The adventures of Bonita and friends are chronicled by Tarsha Jordan. 

Teacher Tarsha is a Bay Area scholar who attended Oakland public schools for her K through 12 education and went on to attend UC Berkeley for her Bachelor's of Arts, followed by a Master's of Public Administration with an emphasis in Public Policy, an Administrative Services credential and a Master's of Arts in Educational Leadership from San Francisco State University. She also has been credentialed as a Multiple Subject Teacher.

During her career she has had the opportunity to engage with K through 12 education at multiple levels. Two of her most memorable assignments are as a Kindergarten teacher and a principal for a early childhood education public school.

Teacher Tarsha writes the stories of Bonita and her friends to offer parents and teachers a way to make tough and often confusing conversations more accessible to a younger demographic. Her goal is to make learning fun.

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